Is Arkavidya like Reiki, Omni, and other healing techniques?

Reiki is not a proper noun. It is a common noun. Universal energy is the ultimate form of any healing. Whether it is Prana, Shakthi, Ki, Chi or any energy, it all depends upon the power of drawing the Cosmic energies. Arkavidya is something different from other therapies because it is more related to the spiritual practices.

How is Arkavidya Useful to us?

Many of us suffer from different problems. It is almost impossible to find one who has no problems. Arkavidya magnifies the vital energies, Stamina, With standing power, Shock absorbing capabilities, Analyses thinking and Empowers the Sadhak with self-confidence.

Why is Arkavidya being called an Ultra-K mega healing power? Does the healing really take place?

This is the whole reason why the 'Healing' is not stressed upon. A doubt, which shoots the brain, can devilishly encounter the healing process. The natural healing is obstructed severely and the solar eclipse happens. Hence the healing is delayed and at times disconnected. The Ultra-K mega beam belongs to Suryanarayana, who is visualised as Omnipotent Power travelling in a Golden chariot drawn by seven horses, with the white hooves. These seven horses are the symbolic references to the all powerful mega beam, which flashes white split into rainbow colours. Violet for the Crown Chakra, Indigo for the third Eye Charka, Blue for the Throat Chakra, Green for the Heart Chakra, Yellow for the Navel Chakra, Orange for the Sex Chakra, Red for the Root Chakra. The spectrum of mega energy was well known to the ancient rishis and channelised during the prehistoric times. There is only one work Yes, and it stands bold, the healing really takes place. The energy drawn from the Arka Orbit, through the Maha Shyamantaka energy source, by the all powerful manthra and mudra initiations. Ultra-K is the ultimate and K is also represented by Keshara stature in the Arka Cult, which means the divine one, who walks with the God.

How many days will it take to become a perfect healer?

Though the practice is simply for 21 days, hardly one hour each day, the student becomes a well vibrated energy channel within 48 hours after the dry and wet TMV initiations. Arkavidya does not attempt to convert you into a healer. Arkavidya aims at the transformation, so that you become an embodiment of healing. The healing process should magnetically begin at the very call of it. Almost every nine out of the ten students joyfully report the spine chilling experiences of healing, after the completion of 21 days of Sadhana.

Can anyone join the Arkavidya?

Of course, yes. Children below twelve years have to wait.

Are there any restrictions in day-to-day living style for a qualified Arkavidyarthi?

There are no particular restrictions as such, which are imposed upon the Sadhak. The transformation naturally and gradually takes place. The 21 days of practice after initiation requires a systematic disciplinary living. Saathvik way of living with nice Vegetarian food habits, Avoiding alcohol, Tobacco, Anger, Ego, Pride, Arrogance and Selfishness has to be attempted. You may even choose to live your own way. Arkavidya is otherwise called the supreme solar energy, a source of never ending power that produces Light and heat, Creating change, Generating life and Bringing in a healthy transformation.

What are the prominent changes that are experienced by Arkavidyarthi?

Soorya - the source of health and vitality, Basically brings in excellent skin tone, Healthy blood circulation, Strength, Spinal energy and Divine glow. Financial growth, Abundance and Social stature are commonly felt. Recognition and fame naturally follow, Influence builds up. Several opportunities keep tapping the door. Love, Harmony, Riches and above all peace are experienced.

How can materialistic prosperity and the spiritual growth both take place together?

The prosperity and growth happens. As one grows day-by-day, passes through the transformation process, he gradually attains the spiritual joy, before which he is bound to pass through the materialistic way of life and success is experienced all along. Arkavidya does not wipe away the Negativity; it enhances and multiplies the Positivity.

How can such a vast subject be dealt within the frame of a workshop? How can the student learn such a wide subject within few days?

It is power of initiation which deals. The subject is injected into the brain through and excellent manthra and mudravidhan. It is certainly simplified and capsuled to meet the need of the day, when Bhakti is going the dot com way.

Is there any particular dress code and Deeksha mode?

Though red colour is very much preferred, there is no particular dress code or deeksha mode. Purity, Sanctity, Truth, Total Surrender and unconditional love are the basic codes and conduct.

What are the problems that can solve through Arkavidya?

Almost all problems related to the physical, mental, and spiritual planes could be solved. Karma and Dharma may at times delay the healings or cause hurdles. This too can be over come through constant sadhana. Lack of concentration, Poor memory, Fear, Stress, Tensions, Anxiety, Worry, Lack of love, Urge for being pampered, Bad habits, Emotional breakdowns, Ego clashes, Blames, Legal complications, Evil vibrations, Pains, Physical ailments, Health hazards, Financial crisis, Career tension, Academic disappointments, Job failures, Suicidal tendencies, Llonely feelings and Communication problems.

Can Arkavidya totally heal? Is healing guaranteed?

Arkavidya teaches a student the power of enhancing the existing healing powers of the cosmic energies. However, at the same time does not encourage total dependence upon it. Alternative therapies are constantly experimented and the scientific authenticity for a legal stand is not at all encouraged. Arkavidya does not advise any patient to discontinue the regular medical treatments. Arkavidya is not against any kind of medical, scientific or other alternative systems. Arkavidya is a highly secret spiritual powerful modernised ancient Manthra, Tantra, Mudra, Sadhana power, which depends upon the intensity and depth of the Sadhana of each individual. Hence, faith answers.

What is the course structure? What Are the different levels of Arkavidya?

Arkavidya basic-is the initial level, which simply lays a foundation of the subject introducing one to the ancient and modern spiritual understandings. It reveals two most powerful manthras and three supreme diagrammatic mudras, i.e., Raksha, Manabindu, and the Narthana. The Bindu Centres and the Chakra Zones are humbly vibrated through the cool, gentle, and the elementary touch of initiation. The cleansing process is on. Blockages and negative lumps are instantly cleared.

Arkavidya advanced-is the second level, which is a multi-magnified energy penetration, which harps the spinal cord, the Ultra-K Mega Beam Absorbed into every inch, atom, cell and molecule of the body. The rainbow colours are systematically energised by the 'Dry and Wet' personal touch initiations, upon the physical and auric levels. The process of Bindu balancing is on. Instant Vibrations are experienced, which gradually subside and settle down. Arkavidya level one is usually a single day workshop and Arkavidya level two is another single day workshop, which could very well stretch over two more days depending upon the Master (Guru Mithra) and the students batch.

After Arkavidya Basic and advance levels of constant practice, the Sadhak may opt for Arkavidya Guru Mithra, the mastership initiation, which ultimately opens the door to the Shyamanthaka and other higher levels.

Does your healing system base itself on any other healing system?

Yes it is based upon the old Vedic system of 'SPARSH SANKALP CHIKISTA' (The touch and intend technique) which was practiced by great yogis and rishis. Many healers from ages frequently practice the theory of the three 'PRANAKOSHAS' and the supreme 'PRANAYAMA' Techniques from years together. There are many other alternative systems of healing, which are all based upon the same. THUS ARKAVIDYA and SHAMANTHAKA VIDYAS are highly powerful and ancient system of healing. The specialty in this healing is that it is also guided and energized through mantras and mudras.

How did you start on the esoteric path? When did you begin? Tell us your memorable experience?

I had been under a wrong impression till my fourteen years, that I hold super natural powers. It so happened once a Vedic student of 12 years had come to stay in my house for three days when I was just 11years. I was very much fascinated by his splendid Power of chanting Vedic verses in an excellent modulation. I belong to an orthodox Brahmin family and my grandparents and parents were very much close to the scriptures, though they were all well educated and employed in government. I was asked not to touch the little Vedic scholar. But it was my great fortune that he came much closer to me and extended his love to me. He appreciated my drawings and paintings and other little creative abilities. He doesn't know English language and very much fascinated by my English standard of conversation he gave me SECRET set of mantra and my father insisted me to practice them regularly. That was how I was pulled into it. Later on I started taking up Ayyappa deeksha and I made it regular practice of going to sabarimalai. I was always in search of yogic people and great gurus. I met Muthu Krishnaananda (Swamy) of Madhurai and I felt that he chose me for the Soorya sadhanas. I was given great initiations by him and I got tuned to thee ascended master Adithya Poornanda Swamyji who appears to me in my dreams and my Illusions. It may not be acceptable if I reveal the wonderful incidents that took place through out my life, under the guidance of the great guruji. I was lucky enough to have been surprisingly picked by several yogis, gurus, sadhaks and friends who always initiated in me the knowledge of esoteric Practices, Occult powers, Bijakshsharas, Manthras and Mudras. It was of course not a cake walk, and I had to pass through several painful practices to achieve the little, which I have. There were several hurdles and problems. But I was strong, steady and determined. I am a hard worker and thirsty for knowledge. I strongly believe that I am not complete, full pledged and perfect. I am still a sincere student in my pursuits. I wonder if perfection completeness and supremacy can ever be achieved. Many great GURUS who inspired me and initiated me also were complaining that they too were incomplete. So where do I stand? I feel it is all the grace of my mother goddess Saraswathi 'Vaagdevi' and lord soorya who had been giving me so much. When students and clients report of miracles happening in their lives after their interaction with me and participation in Arkavidya workshop, I felt immensely happy and blessed.

Your science is very advanced esoteric science. Who are the creators of the science? Is its origin Vedic?

Thanks for the compliment, it is age old and ancient Vedic system. It was practiced by sages and great rishis from ages together. Upanishads form the bedrock of Hindu Culture and civilisation. They contain what the empirical sciences do not contain. Kenopanishad Kathopanidhad, Mundakopanishad, Prashnopanished etc., are all massive. Rahasya Vedas. They are precious and powerful. It is not merely reciting the slokas, but the depth of knowledge which is amazing. Sage Agastya is the creator. Yagnavalka, Aitaraya, Talbakar shankaracharya, were the original channels, their disciples and followers for the channel-divine energies. It was given to few chosen in the gurukulas. I further succeeded my guru Muddu Krishnanandha, who acquired it from Mittu Mahajan yogi, Bapu Dayananda Sagar and Maatha Gangabai and capsuled into modernised workshop patterns. Vedas are its origin and I humbly submit myself as the blending hand of the wonderful workshop module.

They have made a film on you; tell us about your esoteric beginning?

It was not a film upon me but a character was portrayed in a lighter vein in PATTUKONDI CHOODAAM, a super hit Telugu movie, in which one popular artist plays the Vaasthu shilpi V.S.P. Tenneti role. My esoteric beginnings are way back in 1976. I was not sure of myself what I rigorously practiced. I was just an instrument in the hands of many great gurus and sadhaks, I was very much inspired by NATYAMANOHARA where meditations were given to me by one Swamy Harishchandra in 1987 and REIKI mastership initiations by a noble master Mrs. Nagalakshmi healing of Chennai. She also gave me magnified healing. Her workshop gave me a different dimension of understanding esoteric sciences. I attended several workshops. I did many small and big courses. I participated in group meditations. I was called for mass healings. I even attended personality development workshop to equip myself with the workshop patterns. I pay my gratitude to the 23 masters who gave me so much to go. I am still a wonderer and a growing sadhak, a student. I am bent upon rigorous practices. One day, I am sure a great awakening will happen.

Tell us about your Vaasthu skills, how you began your Vaasthu studies. Are there any books you recommend?

I was initiated at a great 'Chandi Homan' by Ramalingeshwara Siddanti into vaagdevi and Chamundi. I was warned not to misuse the powers and to reveal till I completed few lakhs of japas. I did it sincerely. I was always appreciated for my Astrological, numerological predictions. I started it as a hobby in 1978 and today it is my busy profession. I have completed more than 35,000 consultations in astro numero palmistry. I don't want to reveal the names of popular politicians, film directors, actors, producers and industrialists who consulted me. It is the ethics of my profession and I maintain absolute privacy, confidential a personal sessions with all my clients. I feel happy at times when they themselves reveal their experiences with me. Vaasthu is also Vedic, ancient and esoteric. I am basically an addicted reader I have written several articles, short stories, fiction and poetry in several magazines. I worked as an editor for SRAVANTHI and HARIKA weekly magazines and I presently run my own socio spiritual Telugu magazine 'GEETHA'. Many clients report of miraculous experiences after implementing Vaasthu changes, Vedic remedies gemstone charms. There are several Vaasthu books in the stall just as other sciences. But experiment, experience and authenticity gradually spread their wings. VAASTHU, APARAJITA PRUCHA.

What is Arkavidya?

ARKA is the "Pradhama Upaasana Name", the very first cherishing power word, the other name for the Omnipotent Omnipresent Lord Soorya Narayana. All Sadhanas, Rituals, Poojas, Tapas and Meditations related to Him and the highest form of Sooryopasana is known Ravibhed, Maarthaandabhyraveeyam or Arkavidya. This is a secret ancient, practice, carried on by great rishis and yogis.

How come Arkavidya is available to one and all now?

All the great treasures of the universe are hidden between the sacred verses of Vedas and Upanishads. Thousands of thick Sanskrit verses reveal amazing secrets to mankind. But unfortunately we have lost the keys of the treasure, which is Sanskrit. The upadesha (initiation) and sadhana (practice) techniques are imparted to chosen shishyas by few gurus. The mantras, tantras and yantras are highly powerful and the GURUS prohibited laymen to recieve it. Now there is a cosmic shift and a total transformation. Inspite of so much of pollution, chaos and immorality the entire world is making a strong effort to shift towards spiritually and cosmic consciousness. This is right time for the initiation. Great Ascended masters are efficiently transmitting cosmic energies and vibrations to this worldly plane through higher dimensions. As you have doubted, ARKAVIDYA, is not really available to one and all. Very few are chosen by Soorya Bhagawan and Nandu Baba.

How can you say so? You are openly inviting one and all to join the workshop and it is obvious that it is the choice of the student?

Yes, they are invited to the workshop. Infact lakhs of rupees are spent upon advertisement. Thirty thousand and above people all across the globe visiting our website Arkavidya.com each day, lakhs of people see our ads in daily papers and periodicals. Hundreds of people have attended our introductory sessions. We are able to reach the 100th batch shortly and we have not made even 2,000 mithras altogether.

Do you mean to say all the students who have joined your workshops are chosen by Soorya?

We have atleast forty or fifty students who have come and paid advance and registered themselves to join our workshop. They have not attended the workshop. We had been informing them regularly about our fresh batches. They are eager and enthusiastic. They call back. They promise to join the next batch without fail. But they fail to do so. Even students, who joined the workshop got some emergency phone call and left the venue before initiation and they do not turn up, though they are willing to. Students who have attended the workshop throb with joy are unable to practice the fundamental levels. They join for a revision session and then they feel they are into it. After Arkavidya not all join Vajrakeelana. That is the next Filtering Level. Not all who completed Vajrakeelana join the Shyamanthaka Vidya. Not all who did Shyamanthaka reach Agnikeelana. Imagine how few are the Mithras who reaches to the ultimate seven levels. The grave of Soorya, Nandu Baba and the power of sadhana pull them to the Ascension Levels.

Is the sadhana so tough, so complicated that mithras cannot continue it?

No, Arkavidya is strategically designed to cater to the time management of a very busy person. Infact Doctors, Advocates, Corporate personalities, professors, engineers, Chartered Accountants, Journalists, Housewives, Students who are busy, who have no time have joined the workshop and are able to devote time comfortably to their sadhanas. Mithras become even more busy and professional after the right sadhana. But the difference is that they are able to finish all their works at greater speed and perfection with less tension and stress. They feel that the work is easier and prospective. Love for work is felt.

Mr. Tenneti, you are the originator and the ultimate channelling master for these vidyas. How is it so?

No, I am not the originator or the ultimate for these Vidyas, Vedas, Upanishads, Sadhans, Mantras, Upasanas and Siddhis. This is an age-old vedic and yogic treasure. But it is a fact that I am the originator and the founder of Theosophia Shyamanthaka Mission, An organisation committed to the great mission of propagating the secret messages of the sages, our ascended Masters, Spiritual awakening, Enlightenment, Universal brotherhood, Universal peace, Unconditional love, Joy of life and Positive mental attitude.

Yes, I am the originator and the only channelling Grand Master for Arkavidya, Shyamanthaka Vidya and other workshop patterns. I have capsuled it carefully and tailored it to the modern trends, without hampering the values of the original tests. It was not an easy as it appears. My Mithras know how tough it is for me. Almost every student falls at the lotus feet of Nandu Baba and tell me "It Is Great!". It was a twenty two years of deep sadhana. It is more than a decade's research work. It is the blessings of my many noble masters. It is the blessings of my parents and grand parents. It is certainly the result of my sadhanas probably from many janmas.

Can you reveal to us the origin and roots of Shyamanthaka Vidya?

It is almost impossible for me to explain you in detail what I teach to my students step by step in a strategic way. It is esoteric. It is a secret pattern, but I will definitely let you know the basics. The origin and roots will be revealed to a certain stage. I am trying my level best not to communicate to you in a esoteric language.

As I have already told you, this is the right time for the initiation. Ascended Masters are transmitting cosmic energies and vibrations to this worldly plane through the higher planes and dimensions. Though there may be few, who dare not reveal it to the present generation, the 48 Viraat Rishis and the great-ascended masters of the RAVIMANDAP are eager to spread the Sooryashakthi to noble souls and integrated beings.

Adithya Poornanda Swamiji (Popularly known as Nandu Baba) who was very much here between 1832 and 1904, had initiated the sadhanas to his many disciplines. Later it was propagated by Mittu Mahajan Yogi and Bapu Dayasagar and many more. At the age of 44, that is in the year 1876, Nandu Baba imparted this great shyamanthaka vidyopasana to his dearest seven disciples, of whom Mittu Mahajan Yogi was one. These seven shishyas were described as the seven rays of soorya or the seven horses of Soorya.

At the end of the eighteenth century Mitu Mahajan yogi performed the great Maha Sourayaaga and imparted this secret Vidya to 49 of his chosen disciples and connected them to Shree Shree Shree Adithya Poornananda Swamiji who blessed them all. Shri Bapu Dayasagar Maharaj a great scholarly being travelled all across the south and propagated this great Vidya to few chosen disciples. Udaya Bhaskaran, was one among the disciples who in turn imparted it to his eldest son Muthukrishnan of Tangore who was a simpleton. He is a great yogi with a white lungi and a towel on his shoulder. The most selfless, unnoticed, not so prominent, very learned, highly powerful, loving personality from Madurai, who did not know any other language other than Tamil and Sanskrit, except for a few words of Telugu, Hindi and English. This is the great Guru, my beloved Gurunatha, Muthu Krishnananda Swami, as we called him. Other called him in short, Muthu, Krishnan and Sami.

In the great Madurai Meenakshi Ammal Koil, my heart throbs at the very thought of it, the backbone vibrates at the very memory of it, that I was taken into his orbit. Gurunatha left this world at an eagerly age of fifty two, in the year 1986 and it took nine long years for me to accomplish the great task. My search continued. The amazing mantras, mudras, tantras and rituals initiated by Muthu Krishnananda Swamiji shaped me into a crystal clear master channel, the trend evolved, the sanctity further sanctified and the workshop pattern is designed to reach one and all, after continuous information and astral guidance of Shri Adithya Poornananda Swamiji. In 1995 it was the emerging of Shyamanthaka Vidya. In order to safeguard the divinity, sanctity and the supreme energy a basic course was incorporated. With the blessings of many enlightened Gurus, Yogis, and Masters, the workshop originates.

How did you start on the esoteric path? When did you begin?

I belong to an orthodox Brahmin family and my grand parents and parents were very close to the scriptures, though they were all well educated and employed. My grand father Tenneti Satyanarayana was a great philosopher who had written few books on spirituality and I loved to chant 'Advaitachidvilaasam', one of his great books.

I was not really interested in the spiritual patterns in my early childhood and I was very questioning. It so happened that once a vedic student who was just twelve year old, hardly one year elder to me, came to my house to stay for three days. I was very much fascinated by his splendid power of chanting vedic verses.

I was asked not to touch the little vedic scholar. But it was my great fortune that he came much closer to me and extended his love to me. He appreciated my English language and my little creative talents of drawings, paintings and singing. He gave me a black and white photograph of an old man, with a white beard.

"Asmadeeyacharya"---- he said, "keep it with you and keep chanting Adithya Saakshi Sampoorna Raksha---".

That was his command. He chanted a vedic verse and offered me a spoonful of sagar. I was not into it for long, but in 1975, that is after seven years, I met Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparthy, along with my parents, where Baba patted my shoulder and said 'Sampoorna Raksha'. I was reminded of the photograph and the words of the little vedic scholar. I came home and searched for it. I could not find it. I had started meditating upon Saibaba and I was constantly connected to the old man Asmadeeyacharya.

I experienced talking to him, but that was only for a year. I was out of the spiritual track, involved with my academic life, friends, arts and literature. I was reading and writing, suddenly I found the photograph in the year 1979, in the RAMAYANA book of C. Rajaji. In the Same year I was initiated into Vaagdevi, Chandi manthras by Pandit Ramalingeswara Siddhanthi. That was how I was pulled into it. I took up Ayyappa Deeksha and my very first visit was a great transformation. I met an old swami on Alutha hill at Sabarimala and I was missing from my group of piligrims. I have helped him walk. I started telling him about his life as if I know him before. I opened up as an astrologer and palmist to him. He was greatly impressed and said---"Reduce the number of Vaagdevi japa and chant Sampada Mohanaakhi Mantra, you will develop financial stability and come out of your family problems". I asked him how will I get it. He promised me that he would initiate me into it at Pampanadi, which was quite far away. He asked me to go and I left him.

He was an old man, unable to walk properly and I have forgotten him instantly. But to my great surprise he had reached Pampa much earlier to me, ready in his Viri at a Havan Kund, where I reached accidentally. He proposed and I was there. That was the great initiation. When I asked his name he said "Hari Priyam". That's all. He said he will be available at Madurai and the Ammal Koil was his abode. I could not find him in Madurai Temple. I have visited several times to Madurai, searching for him.

I made Ayyappa Deeksha my regular sadhana. I love Kerala and Sabarimala and I continuously travel by "Periyapadam" to Jyothi Darshan" from the past 21 years. After two years and on my fifteenth visit to Madurai, I met him in t he temple and it was only a short moment that I was introduced to Muthu Krishnan. I surrender to Gurunatha and I had no questions.
Muthukrishnananda Swamiji taught me Ravi Bhed, much tantric ritual and gave me the photograph of their family guru, which was the same photo I received in my childhood by the little Vedic scholar, which was done else than Nandu Baba. I was constantly guided. I was experiencing wonder. It was a long way to go.

It was a tough way to practice. My thirst for sadhana magnified and I met several Gurus, Yogis, Sadhaks and spiritualists. I was initiated into many manthras. I passed through several painful practices. I have seen miracles squeezed me, Cleansed me, Drove me, Engulfed me and made me. I bow down to all my Gurus.

Is Arkavidya like Reiki and how did you pick up so many esoteric lines? How did you turn towards Reiki etc, Mr. Tenneti?

Comparison is one of the major drawbacks of prosperity and spiritual ascension. Reiki is not a proper noun, it is a common noun. "REI" means "universal" and "KI" means "energy" whether it is KI or CHI or Pranashakthi it is all about the power of withdrawing cosmic energies. This is the call for the Ultra-K-Mega Beam!

Arkavidya is totally different in pattern and presentation. In 1987 I happened to meet one Swamy Harischandra who taught me Natyamanohara and the secret art of Omni Healing my first alternative therapy healing. Once I met with an accident and I was informed about Reiki by Dr. Omprakash who guided me to Meenakshi master who initiated me into Reiki basis while I was in Ayyappa deeksha. Later I was introduced to another noble lady of Chennai, a very popular Reiki and Magnified healing master Teacher Mrs. Nagalakshmi who made me experience the power of esoteric sciences and thus I was attracted to the workshop modules. She blessed me whole-heartedly and my search for different workshops began. I took up Pranic Healing from Mrs. Swarna Mala of Hyderabad. I have attended many other workshops. I finished my law graduation after my M.A. My sadhnas continued and I pay my gratitude for all my 23 Gurus and Masters who initiated me with great love and concern.

Now-a-days Arkavidya is very popular and people talk so much about it. Can you highlight few experiences of some of your students? Any miracles?

"Experience the Ecstasies of Divine Energies" is the caption of Arkavidya. I have published along with, few of the many feedbacks I receive. Almost every student enjoys the workshop. Many of them find awakening experiences, throb in the Mooladhara Chakra, Vibration of the Brahma Danda, Visions of God forms, Hearing mantras from inside, Health improved, Skin disorders set right, Career boost, Vitality, Abundance, Success, Inclination towards sadhana, Problems solved, Confidence building up, Ambitions fulfilled and what not.

Total positive transformation. Very few are left out due to Lack of faith, Non-practice, Negligence, Transfer, Abroad trips and many other reasons. Faith, practice, dedication and total surrender to cosmic consciousness are the basic requirements for any sadhana, Vidya or spiritual attachment.

How does one start with you? What is the eligibility factor for one to join Arkavidya? Is religion or caste a barrier?

Religion, Caste, Creed, Language and Stature have nothing to do with us. Arkavidya is open to all missed persons above twelve years age.

I have mithras from all walks of life and excellent sadhaks who do not limit themselves to a religion or cult. Infact Arkavidya emphasises upon love for all religions and humanity the ultimate religion. All he need is to understand the simple English language which is the medium of instruction and register himself to learn mantras, mudras, tantras and meditations with faith.

To begin, start with the two days workshop Arkavidya, a fourteen hours schedule, later practice at home, half an hour each day for 21 days, join Vajrakeelana, a four hour purification session, practice Gnyana Kriya Levels for seven days, take up Gurumithra Mastership Level if interested in teaching Arkavidya to others independently, or take up the advanced level, Shyamanthaka Vidya, again a two days workshop, followed by 21 days practice, get into Agnikeelana and so on. Each level is independent and complete by itself. All levels cannot be taken at a stretch.

Whom to contact and how to register for the course?

Visit our web site www.arkavidya.com. Ask for the multicolour brochure. Call upon any of our TSM Incharge Mithras, attend an Introductory, be convinced, decide to join the course and come with an open mind.

Mrs. Ramani Prasad, Mrs. Suma Ashok, Mr. Lalchand Balani are the three Mithras organising workshops at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Visakhapatnam, shortly at other places, not yet confirmed. If a group of 25 students are ready for a batch in any part of the country, you can contact our mission. For fee and other details, get back to us. You can feel free to call upon us for doubts, Introductory, Workshops and Other particulars. Write a letter, Send an eMail, Call us on the phones, or Meet us personally. We are at your service. Help us serve you better.