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Nature has many secrets in store for you!


Deaf could begin to Hear

The most powerful Arkavidya symbol MAHABINDU when applied along with Budapan Healing System ROKO symbol, an old deaf man of 56 years. Swaminathan could begin to hear very well. His daughter-in-law, Sujatha a very famous Kuchupudi dancer is an ARKA student, REIKI master and also BUDAPAN grand master.

Stress Relief through Meditations

Regular meditations have become a part of life even to the busiest scheduled people. Sudhakar Raju who is a sales man as well as an upcoming television artist is experiencing stress relief through regular practice of meditation. He says 'SODHANA' mode of meditations have transformed him and his family members.

Ask for Cosmic Help

Ask for good health and energy. It will outpour onto you. Mukund Rao Bellani, a retired Railway official, firmly believes the power of cosmic energies. He speaks to Plants, Trees, Stars, Sky, Air, Water, Earth, Sun, Moon and the fire. Talk to them with your eyes and heart they will respond to you, he says. Curing patients is possible with the help of cosmic; take it from Mr. M.R. Bellani.

Explore and Enjoy

Attitudes have surprisingly changed. The change is certainly for good. According to the realistic philosophy the common good of the whole society and the anticipated good of an individual cannot be naturally opposed or contradicted. As long as the intentions are pure, as long as cosmic consciousness is attained, nothing is deemed wrong.

Ancient education cults were neglected and forgotten, now they took a new dimension, the new age system of esoteric and holistic living.

Health is now in our hands and healing can very well be experienced. Education need not necessarily make a child a scientist, a sage or a seer. It all depends upon individual goals and universal aptitudes.

Moral values, Ethics, Virtues, Love, Like-mindedness, Free-will, Goodwill and concern are more essential. The shift in the position of earth, the split in the angle of dimensions, the diversions in the human understandings are all very much important for the existence of mankind and its happy living.

The assistance of religious education is basically required. If the existence of the Supreme Being or the Hidden force is not realised it is almost impossible to bring ethical values and moral standards efficiently in human life.

Modern religion must justify itself on the bar of reason. Religion should not aim for divide and rule systems. Religion does not attempt to split, but unite. Unity of humanity is the theme of any religion. It has been accepted by many thinkers, intellectuals, philosophers and scientists that 'where reason or science have failed to define religious phenomenon', total surrender to God mindedness, Religious intellect, Intuitional excellence, Telepathic information, Faith and belief begin the rule.

Infact, the latest discoveries of science seem to be the echo of our ancient scriptures, and thus age old concepts are looming large in the society.

Healing nowadays is the basic cult. People experience various systems of healings. Many successful healing holistic attitudes prevail and millions of people all over the world flock around for them.

Acupressure, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Aroma therapy, Gen therapy, Sand therapy, Salt and Salt water healing, Bach flower treatments, Colour therapy, Suzok, Quantum touch healing, Omni Healing, Herbal medicine, Electro crystal system, Chiropractic therapy, Laughter healing, Magnet therapy, Arkavidya Surya Healings, Manthra Vidhi, Sound therapy, Music therapy, Massage therapy, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Karuna Reiki, God Command Healing, Voice Touch, Psycho therapy, Naturopathy, Pranic Healing, Siddhi Samadhi yoga, Unani medicine, Urine therapy, Appolo Vaasthu Grid system, Yanthra Prathishta, Pyramid therapy, Vajrakeelana, Manthra and Mudra therapy, Trataka Healing, Shyamantaka, Rudraksha therapy, Yoga, Budapan Healing, Chathura system, Meditation, Weep sweep therapy, Spiritual healings and many more.

Miracles are Experienced, Expressed, Expected, Enhanced, Propagated and passed on by many. The New-age concepts are spreading. Body, Spirit, Mind, Soul, Karma, Janma, Siddhi and Chikitsa vidhan play a major role. Let us explore and enjoy.